Margarita Lukošiūtė


Everything starts with a color. Sometimes with a combination. After a long or sometimes very brief state of pondering and dreaming I start painting. And I make a mess with the colors I choose. No planning of composition, elements, or predefined themes – just a mess, free of obligations. My hands just do whatever they want without the control of my mind, only influenced by emotions I feel at that exact moment.

In this moment of creative chaos, I don’t care if the painting looks good or makes me happy. Zero expectations. I play until the point when I start to see some kind of a pattern. When a pattern emerges, I embrace it and begin gaining control of what I am doing. I refine the pattern with composition, details, and colors and try to make the best of it. And I do.

The duality in me, in life, the chaos from which structure can evolve helps me create the universe of my own where I am content, free and at peace.


Telefonas: +370 627 05 007
El. paštas: elze@nycesusai.lt