mantas golubevas

Mantas Golubevas


A man to whom the nights are never enough.

A man who can’t miss the little details of and the different tones of dark in the the forest, surrounded by the moonlight.

Stopping every time when he walks on the wet grass in the cold and lifts his eyes to the sky where are the millions of stars.

When he can still feel the taste of cofee while yawning, the amazing sunrises warm him up.

He becomes a creator, who is inspired by music, his own mind an a complete chaos.

He showcases the most interesting details of this chaos.

The continuity of a paused moment, or maybe a farewell, allowing to put yourself into the light and the speed.

Even more, the nightlife coloured by his own colours – it’s like magic that you can look into.

All of this is Mantas Golubevas.


Telephone: +37062705007