Nyčės Ūsai is a vibrant artistic hub in the city of Kaunas. We show the work of young and promising artists who are breaking new ground in a broad variety of arts. From photography to digital art and from sculpture to jewellery, there’s not an art form for which Nyčės Ūsai doesn’t prepare a home.

The underlying philosophy of Nyčės Ūsai is that art should be accessible to everyone and should play a part in everyday life. Hence our slogan, everyday art. All works are contemporary and whether abstract or a bit more classical, they all have one thing in common: our art affordable, renewing and aesthetically pleasing.




A restless soul with a camera around her neck who has settled down in Kaunas after a long-lasting bout of wanderlust. Elzė lived in France, Italy and the Netherlands where she earned her living as a photographer. Taking the best of her experiences with her, Elzė hopes to give the cultural life in Kaunas the kind of impuls it has been waiting for.



A writer-turned-businessman incapable of shaking off his roots. Orignally from the Netherlands, Adriaan has travelled widely to cover Europe‘s cultural history for a number of Dutch magazines and newspapers. In daily life Adriaan helps foreign companies with setting up their business operations in Lithuania, but his true passion remains art.