Nyčės ūsai is established in 2017 as a gallery, coffee bar and art hub in Kaunas, the second city of Lithuania. We put young, aspiring artists in the spotlight and organized many first exhibitions and debut concerts for our artists. Having struggled to make name as a photographer, we strive to kickstart the careers of our artists to make their ride smoother than our own.

Since the ambition of our artists is not limited to Lithuania, we have decided to go international. This means that Elzė, the gallery’s founder, is bringing unseen works and unknown artists from Lithuania to virtually every corner of Europe.

Elzė is dividing her time between Lithuania, the Netherlands and Italy, but you can as easily find her in any of the countries in between.



 founder, photographer

A restless soul with a camera around her neck who stubbornly refuses to settle in one place. She has lived in France, The Netherlands and Italy where she has worked as a photographer.. Elzė currently divides her time between Lithuania and the rest of Europe. Taking the best of her experiences of living as a photographer and running an art gallery, Elzė hopes to give young artists the kind of stepping stone they deserve.